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GO d’Azur presents unique interior & exterior design. Our team is there for you to design and create your in- and outside home. We listen carefully to your wishes and create a special place for you.

We speak dutch, german, english and french.

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Our exterior team is creating a nice wooden decking around a swimming pool. The terrace and planters are made from Ipe hardwood. The collaboration with and confidence of our customer made it possible to let us improvise and optimize the designing process. We love working like this!

Work in progress. We keep you informed of the finishing touch.


Former projects in various styles.


This was a very special project. We found the original window of the cathedral in Brussels. We replaced it as a feature and created a whole garden exterior around it. Originally made hand carved in 1657. Due to renovation of the cathedral we were able to persue the original window and take it into a space where the customer wanted a garden with relics. What a discovery! Within the research of old relics / ornaments we found the two other windows. One of them we moulded as a water feature. Imagine such an element on your garden wall with water falling from the top surrounded by plants and a little pond and lightning from below.

We can recreate these windows with all original details. We are ready!

Neo-roman monastery window

Gothic Brussels window 1657

Perpendular English Gothic window

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